The health and wellness space is brimming with weight loss advice that there is so much information available, that it can be intimidating to sort through it all and know what direction to take.

At Drop It, our guiding philosophy is to provide our client’s with customized weight loss programs that incorporate a calorie deficit for rapid weight loss, in addition to our homeopathic detox drops for long-term success. In today’s post, we want to give you accurate information on ways to help guide your weight loss journey, and sometimes it begins with simple yet effective lifestyle changes! Read more about the lifestyle changes that can impact your weight loss journey at Drop It.


Small Lifestyle Changes to Incorporate Into Your Drop It Routine

Finding lasting weight loss results are not built in a day — they’re built with the less-than-sexy concept of consistency! It’s taking baby steps and building upon those successes, and not necessarily a giant leap where your target weight loss goal is met within a month.

In research published by the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, it was found that people who made one small lifestyle change each week lost more belly fat (about two and a half more inches) and four times as much weight in a four-month-long period.

Move More

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s often overlooked and skipped. Movement is crucial to your weight loss plan and it doesn’t have to be sweating hard in an hour-long workout. It can be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking on your lunch break, parking further away and walking a longer distance up to your destination, or doing air-squats and pushups in a brief five minute period by your desk. The goal is to move more, so get creative with how you do it. Here are a couple more ways to do it.

Don’t sit through commercials – If you love relaxing with a couple TV shows to help wind down your evening, get more movement in by doing a quick activity during the commercials. This can be running in place, dancing, running up the stairs, or doing pushups! Do an activity that gets your heart pumping during the short break.

Add bodyweight exercises – While you’re cooking dinner or when you have a free moment, incorporate bodyweight squats, deadlifts, push ups, and dips. Youtube has a vast library of how to properly perform them, so give it a search if you need assistance.


Writing down what you’re eating each day is a great way to practice portion control, as you’re less likely to down a pint of ice cream and then journal about it! Journaling also adds an awareness to your food behaviors, and the more you’re aware, the more you can take steps to address it.

Get More Sleep

Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase weight gain, not only because it causes stress to your body and the release hormones, but you’re more likely to make poor nutrition choices the next day because you’re worn out. Everyone requires different amounts of sleep, but aim for six to nine hours of undisturbed sleep.

Start with small lifestyle changes that are consistent, they can be anything from moving more, journaling, or getting more sleep! The takeaway message of it all — don’t overthink it!

If you’re ready for a weight loss program that works, contact Drop It today!