Five Stars

Tiff and I started the Drop It program 7 days ago. I started the program because I am a 45 year old male that had a metabolic age of a 71 years old. Tiff is doing the program to support her husband and I love her for that. She wants to loose 15 pounds while I need to loose 39 pounds to get my metabolic age where it needs to be. The program has easy to follow directions, and the food program is easy to follow and the food tastes great. I am very thankful for all the support that John and all the other Droppers have given Tiff and I. As the expression goes ” If I can do it ,anyone can do it” but for those who know me I love my food and after 7 days it has been easy, no starvation, great tasting food, and most importantly we are getting unbelievable results! You need to go on the Drop It website today. Do not waste another day! Peter and Tiff.

Peter and Tiff