1. Look Great Feel Better

    This plan has changed not only how I look, but how I feel! I've lost 35 pounds of my 50 pound goal in just 60 days and all of my digestive issues have completely subsided. This was the best gift I've ever given myself!…Read More

  2. Down Two Pant Sizes

    Today I have been on the Drop It program for 50 days and I have lost 37.4 pounds. I am down 2 sizes. My blood sugar is the lowest it's ever been.I have more energy than I've had for years. I've spent my whole life battling my weight and the Drop It program has been a perfect fit. I love my journey to better health.…Read More

    April C.
  3. Lost Over 29 Pounds

    I started the Drop It weight loss program on April 3, 2017 and i have lost a total of 29.5 lbs  and 20.5 over all body inches. While i wish the weight was going down faster, I certainly am happy with the inches lost. In addition, I no longer have acid reflux, and, I have so much more energy. My journey down this path is far from over, but, I certainly look forward to continued success.…Read More

    Alice S.
  4. Love The Results

    So 27 days into the drop it program I've lost 22 lbs and dropped 2 pant sizes!!!! This is the best I've felt in years! Getting through Easter weekend was tough, yes I cheated, but I'm back at it and determined to get to where I want to be! #dropit…Read More

    Justin A. Girard
  5. Survived Easter

    Down 27.2 lbs in 36 days!!! I survived Easter meals lol I had a crumb of sweet bread, a lick off Mike's ice cream, and a chocolate chip!!! But that's nothing compared to what I really wanted to eat!!! I feel amazing so much healthier!!!! Drop It…Read More

    Desiree Macedo
  6. Feel Better Than Ever!

    Day 5 on the Drop It Diet, and down a total of 7 lbs. Feeling motivated and sleeping better than I have in 6 years. Thank you Dr. John Sottile ★ ★ ★ ★ ★…Read More

    Jeannie Grossi St. Michel
  7. Love the Drop It Program

    "I loved everything about the Drop It program. The scientific foundation just makes sense and it's a simple as a eating right and following the program. I loved it!!! 5 Stars!!"…Read More

    Jarred B.
  8. Believe It

    "I lost 35 pounds in 7 weeks!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! I haven't felt this good about my weight since High School! Do the program! It works!"…Read More

    Jessica M.
  9. Down 7.2 Pounds

    Down 7.2 lbs. on day 5 of Drop It. Loving the food and not feeling hungry. Down 7.2 lbs. on day 5 of Drop It. Loving the food and not feeling hungry.."…Read More

    John G.
  10. Five Stars

    Tiff and I started the Drop It program 7 days ago. I started the program because I am a 45 year old male that had a metabolic age of a 71 years old. Tiff is doing the program to support her husband and I love her for that. She wants to loose 15 pounds while I need to loose 39 pounds to get my metabolic age where it needs to be. The program has easy to follow directions, and the food program is eas…Read More

    Peter and Tiff