Success Stories
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Success Stories

Melinda Witt-Izzo

The Drop It Program has been an amazing program for me! I began my first cycle on November 1, 2020 and completed in April 2021. By the end of the three cycles, I had reached my goal of a 50 pound weight loss. The program offers quick results, which is very motivating. It is extremely easy to follow. It’s foolproof. The more you stick to the plan, the better your results. Daily accountability keeps you on track and motivates you to make positive food choices. Throughout the program you learn the right foods to eat and how food affects our bodies. My favorite part of the Drop It Program was the DNA testing, which outlined the best food choices and exercises for MY body. I highly recommend the Drop It program to anyone looking to lose weight.

Dr. John Sottile

I am Dr John Sottile. I have had thousands of patients over decades have trouble with weight so I decided to address this problem. I did the research and developed the program that is now Drop It. I was so confident in the process, I put my life at risk and intentionally gained 90 pounds to be able to document the progress of my weight loss journey. I developed high blood pressure high cholesterol and high triglycerides in the process. My ankles were swollen and my doctor was not happy! In 3 short months I had lost the whole amount I had gained. I lost 50 pounds in my first 30 days. This program I life changing and I hope you give us a chance to change your life too!


I was unable to get pregnant with a second child and my doctor said it was due to my weight. I did the Drop It program and lost 88 pounds. I then got pregnant and had another beautiful baby girl.

See the Results

Stephen A. lost 106 pounds.

Janet lost 40 pounds.

Ashley D. lost 10 pounds.

Vanity J. lost 30 pounds.

Ashley C. lost 60 pounds.

Desiree lost 88 pounds.

Tiffany lost 58 pounds.

Morgan lost 65 pounds.

Gary lost 47 pounds.

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